Эвакуатор круглосуточно. Вытащим из любой беды. Своих не бросаем!

Эвакуатор «Дорожный Маршал»  работает на направлениях  


При необходимости,  в экстренных случаях Ваш вызов может быть перенаправлен на ближайший к точке аварии экипаж.

Our tow trucks  — 24 hours          Moving & Storage

For transportation of cars our company «Road Marshal»

Rzhev.  Moscow.  Pskov.  Olenino.  Tver.  Selizharovo.  Staritsa.

The tow truck is also fitted with air suspension:

The platform is lowered giving the opportunity for a car with low clearance to drive into it. The wheels are fixed with the help of a special belt, fastened to the platform floor at three points. The car does not stir inside, even if there is sharp braking.

Taking account of the Client’s requirements the expert at Best Logistic Service is always ready to help in promptly sending the closed tow truck to the address specified by the Client, answer the questions of concern, provide all interested information.

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